About Us


When it comes to issues of care, everyone has a right to be in control of their care needs.This means providing people with easy-to-understand information and guidance on the wide range of options available.


iCaring is a unique service that enables people to find care online, and to make choices at their own pace and in their own time.


The company is based on ethical principles, subscribes to the ‘digital inclusion’ campaign and is user-friendly, affordable, disability-aware and safe.


Motivated by a sense of social responsibility, iCaring provides the best access to home care support in the UK and offers a wide variety of care, including child, elderly, adult and youth care, as well as home care and domestic support. From busy parents in need of excellent babysitters, to individuals seeking to maintain independence in their own homes, all care needs are catered for.


Carers are carefully chosen for their exemplary professional skills and vocational qualifications, in addition to their strong educational background and active pursuit of other interests.


For those working in the care sector, iCaring offers links to a wide range of rewarding work opportunities, matching specific skills with the needs of clients. In addition, iCaring provides professional support on all aspects of the caring profession, as well as information on the latest training opportunities available.


Founder Harriet Thomas has worked in the care industry for a number of years. While studying Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, Harriet recognised the importance of individual empowerment on issues related to caring. After graduating, she went on to work in childcare and elderly care, and acquired an in-depth understanding of the social care system in both the public and private sectors. In response to her awareness of the needs and concerns of parents, families, individuals and care workers in the UK, she established a small recruitment agency, Intelligent Caring, which offered a streamlined approach to matching people who needed care, with those who worked in the care sector.


You can visit Hatty's video blog here http://www.virginmediapioneers.com/members/harrietthomas/ for more information about how she has created this unique digital service especially for those with individual care needs across the UK.


iCaring is the culmination of this vision and experience in the care sector and is supported by UNLTD, Channel 4 (4iP) and Virgin Media Pioneers.